Why New Housing Matters




Families depend on quality housing of multiple types that is affordable, secure, and desirable.  New homes and multifamily development are needed to insure that our children and grandchildren can continue to live in their hometown communities without being forced out by housing shortages and skyrocketing prices.


As we age, our housing needs change dramatically.  Our communities must address these life changes with quality housing that meets the safety, mobility, and healthy living requirements that our parents and grandparents require as they retire and age without displacing them away from their family and community.

Social Justice

New and rehabilitated housing must be provided that meets the needs of people from all income levels regardless of education or social status.  Escalating housing costs caused by a failure to build new, affordable housing cannot be allowed to force longtime residents from their communities.   Communities must provide single and multifamily housing that meets the needs of everyone including the poor and homeless.



Public servants who protect and educate our community deserve the opportunity to live affordably in the community that they serve.  Too many are forced to live elsewhere due to a lack of housing and housing choices.  We have an obligation to construct housing that meets the needs of these individuals and their families.

Tax Base

New housing increases value in our community, improves the value of existing homes, and provides revenue to our cities and schools.  New housing is built to higher standards than older homes, is more energy and water efficient, and is safer than existing housing stock.  Homeowners Associations, Landscape Maintenance Districts and other financial structures reduce service needs from government agencies while benefiting those same agencies with new property tax and sales tax revenues.


Retailers/Auto Dealers

New homes and an expanded home market provides businesses with a broader customer and sales base to sell goods and services.  Every new rooftop is a new set of potential customers and with them, increased revenue, employment, and economic growth.


California is in the midst of a work force housing crisis that makes California less competitive with the rest of the Western United States for skilled labor.  New and diverse housing options are required to make housing more affordable for a skilled work force and allow businesses in California to retain and attract qualified workers.